27. Learn how to surf

Living near Va Beach, I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf. So this summer, I finally got the courage to take lessons from a surf school there! Hansol and I took a 3-day camp, which consisted of 3 hours of instructions a day. Throughout the camp, the instructors were pushing us in front of the waves so that we’d have enough momentum to ride them, but by the end of the camp we were starting to catch the waves by ourselves! I never realized how hard this sport is, and I found myself being sore after each day. I wish we took this camp earlier so that we’d have more chances to practice on our own, but I’m finally moving up to Pennsylvania this Saturday (kind of freaking out about this!!!) so we promised we’d go together next year.

I bet I’ve become unrecognizably dark, but wow, what an experience!


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