7. Donate blood

Finally got to donate after many many years!!

I’ve donated once or twice in high school, but because I went abroad every year throughout college, I wasn’t able to donate blood for 4 years. So I finally made an appointment to give blood today. At first, when the nurse was checking my blood for the iron level, my right middle finger put me under the required level. So she took some blood from my left finger and for some reason the level was higher! Luckily, I was eligible to donate, but at that moment I was pretty nervous haha. THEN they couldn’t find a good vein T_T For some other reason, the really visible vein on my right arm, the one that is always used when I go to the doctors, just decided to go into hiding today :/ But, luckily again, they found one and stuck that needle in there. Woohoo!! Saved up to 3 lives today. Yeahhhh


See the full bucket list here


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