5. Visiting High School

It’s been 5 years since I graduated from high school. It seems like just yesterday, and I’m surprised again at how time flies so quickly. With Panera in hand, I visited my math teacher whom I respect very much and who cares about me more than any other teacher I’ve known. Apparently this school year is her last year of her teaching career; she has been retired for years already and is currently working part-time. I’m glad that I saw her before she left the school, and I’m glad that I had good news to bring to her.

The day I visited was her IB Math HL class’s Paper 1 testing day. So as I left the classroom after 4 hours of chatting, her students came back after the test to tell her how it went. I remember doing the same 5 years ago and all of us gathered around the chalkboard (we didn’t use smartboards back then haha) asking her how to solve the problems where we were stuck.

I’m really happy to have known her and to see how much she loves her job. She’s an inspiration that I didn’t fully acknowledge back in high school but luckily I fully appreciate it now.


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