21. Cook a Fancy Meal for My Parents

AHHH with only 12 hours to go until our Canada trip, I’m trying to update as much as I can before leaving. The next thing from my bucket list was cooking for my parents.May 14th is my parents’ anniversary. But they are so busy with work, long hours and sleep deprivation, that they tend to forget their anniversary every year. This year was no exception. So my sister and I (I’ll credit you too Hyoungmin even though you were just on your phone the whole time lol) cooked dinner for them.

Spicy shrimp pasta, asparagus, and apple walnut salad. But notice the wedding photo on the top there? That was the real highlight. They don’t have a real wedding album at home and all of the photos from their honeymoon and wedding are just stored away in a box so it’s been a very long time since they’ve looked through them. Displaying one of them really made my parents reminisce about old times.

I don’t know if this meal would be considered “fancy,” but I hope to have many chances in the future to cook for them.


See the full bucket list here


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