1. Bucket List

With only 2 months left as my “last” summer break, let the adventure begin!

  1. Finish making a summer bucket list (5/14/14)
  2. Read (and finish) a book
  3. Take care of my dog
  4. Go scuba diving
  5. Visit my high school teachers (5/13/14)
  6. Have a picnic
  7. Donate blood (6/17/14)
  8. Become an early bird
  9. Get a pedicure for the first time
  10. Finish a 1000 (or more!) piece jigsaw puzzle
  11. Complete a wood working project (6/26/14)
  12. Be able to do a pull up
  13. Get a scholarship
  14. Fix up my car
  15. Clean all of my family’s cars
  16. Get our piano tuned
  17. Run a race – Yorktown Independence Day 8K Run (7/4/14)
  18. Run the 8K in 50 minutes (7/4/14)
  19. Go wine tasting in Williamsburg
  20. Eat lots of seafood
  21. Cook a fancy meal for my parents (5/14/14)
  22. Spend a full day, 24 hours, without internet/smartphone/laptop/tablet/whatever
  23. Visit old friends
  24. Take a nice long bubble bath
  25. Play golf with my dad
  26. Build and fly a kite
  27. Learn how to surf (7/9/14)
  28. Have a safe and adventurous trip to Canada (Canada Trip 2014)
  29. Have a photo shoot/Take lots of pictures
  30. Spend a day bumming and doing absolutely nothing

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