I’m gonna eat t…

I’m gonna eat the whole world! I’m gonna eat all the planets except the sun and the earth. Oh, and the moon. Because the sun makes morning and moon makes it dark so we can sleep. And I’m gonna not eat the earth because if I eat the earth I can’t watch MarioKart.

Random quote by my 1st grade student from our tutoring session tonight.

My reaction: …???

Our session went better this week, because I brought animal stickers, and it motivated him to write in his journal more. It was a bit more difficult to work with him today because he was super tired and yawning the entire time. Apparently, he didn’t have school and his dad made him go to a local gym for a kids “out of school” day program. So when I asked him to write about what he did today in his journal, everything was about him running, playing soccer, and racing other kids. It also didn’t help that the room I tutor him in has a bed…

But, he didn’t make a fuss about how he wants to play with cars today. Perhaps, after our little quarrel last week, he understands that he won’t get his way by whining.

On a side note, all of my students (high school students and my 1st grader) are on spring break starting Monday, and they’ve all cancelled sessions! I really enjoy tutoring, but it gets really tiring and frustrating at times. So I’m really looking forward to the upcoming week. AND I get to go home next weekend!

P.S. Although I haven’t been following that closely, I want to say that I’m so proud of our basketball team for making it so far in the tournament. Go Hoos!!!


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