10 Things I Learned from Waitressing

After a month of working as a waitress, I’ve learned a few things about the job that I didn’t know before:

  1. Customers usually don’t care about how busy you are. They want good service regardless.
  2. Some people just give awful tips no matter how well you serve them (like the girl who tipped me 10 cents for an $18 meal…).
  3. No matter how much you clean, everything will just get dirty the next day anyway.
  4. Clear cups are so much better than mugs.
  5. There are 2 types of drunk customers: those who are super friendly and those who are a pain…
  6. … and how to deal with both types.
  7. Organization is really, really important when taking people’s orders.
  8. How hard you work doesn’t always equal how much you earn.
  9. It’s not an easy job. at all
  10. But awesome coworkers, friendly customers, and the endless list of funny stories you can now tell make it pretty worthwhile.

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