How Snow Brings Out the Youth in Us

SNOW SNOW SNOW, which meant that lab was cancelled, tutor sessions were cancelled, class was cancelled… everything was cancelled yesterday!

I started out my snow day by making Tonkatsu and having a nice lunch with my roommate.


Then Syra and I headed out to the lawn to meet Juliana; walking up the stairs next to Wilson, we were greeted by loud yells from tons of people in snowball fights. We also saw this little gem: mini-rotunda!


Somehow, the lawn manages to be beautiful in all seasons, particularly magical in the winter.


The three of us also got creative and asked each other, “Do you wanna build a snowman~~?”


Excited to show off our creation haha.

We then took a break by thawing ourselves in Alderman library.


Although it was freezing outside, we ventured out to the hills of Nameless Field and went sledding. Who knew sticking a cardboard box inside a trash bag can make an awesome sled?


Before heading home, we also got to marvel at how stunning the amphitheatre looked…


…as well as the trees.


We ended our day with eating ramyun noodles, drinking hot cocoa, and watching Rise of the Guardians (which was a very suitable movie for the day) on the projector. I’d say we were very productive(?) with our time haha. It’s still really amazing to see so many college students have the willingness to go out into the cold and play in the snow. And it makes me happy to realize that we haven’t lost our youthfulness just yet.

P.S. I watched Howl’s Moving Castle before I went to bed last night, and it was sort of mind-boggling. There were just so much going on that I think this is one of those movies that just need to be watched multiple times to fully understand the meaning. I’m not the only person who thinks that, right?


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