Syria, Japan, and Diana Nyad

A U.N. arms expert collects samples during an inspection of a suspected chemical weapons strike site in the Ghouta area outside Damascus on August 29.

It’s a little embarrassing for me to confess: up until now, I’ve been completely oblivious to what was happening to the world around me. I didn’t read or watch the news at all, and the sole source of outside information was whatever was posted on Facebook. For example, just a week ago, I had absolutely no idea what was going on in Syria and wondered why everyone prayed for Syria at church, but I sure knew what Miley did at the VMAs.

With a med school interview coming up soon (first one of the cycle eek! nervous, scared, but super happy!), I started to force myself to read the news everyday. At first, I was completely lost because there were so many articles to choose from and so many topics that were discussed; this is why I gave up reading every time I tried. But after spending a good hour the first day as an introduction to the world of politics, I noticed that I knew what the articles were talking about the next day. And the next day!

I’ve always admired people who talked about the news with their peers. Just as I’d become a researcher (who I’d also admired during undergrad), I am slowly becoming a more knowledgable person. Instead of bashing on Miley and her foam finger, I find myself being inspired by people like Diana Nyad and sympathizing with those suffering from the chemical attacks. And reading about these events makes my interview seem so small that it helps to calm me down.


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