Hump Day!!

Verification email!!!
Verification email!!!

My primary application is FINALLY verified! I wish it was verified a month ago, but what could I have done about sending my transcript late all thanks to SIS putting a hold on my account for not completing a loan exit interview (which I did 3 months ago… Gotta love SIS!). Although my application cycle isn’t going exactly as planned, I just pray that this time, I’ll be accepted somewhere…

… but getting verified this late in the game equals an overflow of secondary invite emails. I’ve gotten 4 within the span of 3 hours this morning! Luckily, I’ve pre-written a good amount of the essays that it won’t take me too long to submit everything.

I decided to go home for the weekend, so going home will be my motivation to finish everything this week. Wish me luck on the home stretch!

P.S. hump day means Wednesday because it’s in the middle of the week (you know, like a camel!). Everyone got that, right??


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